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Colonel Fairfax: Jonathan Borg

Jack Point: Gordon Costello

Sir Richard Cholmondeley: James Ogg

Wilfred Shadbolt: Clive Hobson

Sgt. Meryll: Andrew McAlpine

Leonald Meryll: Joshua Woodward

Elsie Maynard:  Suzanne Chin

Phoebe Meryll: Caroline Reddel

Dame Carruthers: Cathy Bulfin

Kate: Sarah Conolly

About the Show

Gilbert and Sullivan’s sparkling operetta, The Yeomen of the Guard (or The Merryman and His Maid) is set in the Tower of London in the days of Henry VIII.

The plot is full of mayhem, including accusations of sorcery and unrequited love, last minute escapes from unjust execution, disguises, lies and blackmail, a blindfold wedding, a hero returned from the grave and a heartbroken jester!  

This most dramatic, and perhaps most emotionally engaging of Gilbert’s tales also boasts a score acclaimed as Sullivan’s finest and most operatic work. Come and enjoy the show to learn how it all works out in the end!

Key dates

'Yeomen' performances will be from 18 May - 2 June 2018. Friday 8pm, Saturdays 1pm and 7pm.

Production Team

Director: Elaine Gow

Music Director: Susan Briedis

Production Manager: Megan Willis

The Yeomen of the Guard - 2018