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The Pirates of Penzance

Ahoy thar me hearties! The Pirates of Penzance have been sighted off the coast of Eastwood and will be coming ashore for rehearsals in June!

The Pirates of Penzance story revolves around Frederic, a pirate’s apprentice, who falls head-over-heels in love with Mabel, the daughter of Major-General Stanley. Frederic is due to be released from his apprenticeship on his 21st birthday, but there’s a snag: having been born in a Leap Year on 29 February, Frederic discovers that he is technically still only a youngster of 5 and a quarter. Although very much in love, his dedication to duty is unshakeable and he returns to his former pirate crew, believing that he will be indentured for another 63 years! Can Frederic find a way to live happily-ever-after with his beloved Mabel?

With music described as 'fresh, bright, elegant and merry' and the show as 'exquisitely funny', upon Pirates’ debut in 1880, we can't wait to bring this production of Pirates to life at EUCMS in 2023!

Pirates rehearsals begin with a Read Through on Friday 16 June with performances from 22 September - 7 October 2023. nb the matinee performance on the first weekend is on the Sunday.

Under normal circumstances, any performing member of the society may choose to participate in the ensemble of a show without a separate audition. However, in the event that the ensemble is oversubscribed this may not be possible. If you would like to be in the ensemble, we encourage you to email pirates@eucms.org.au to let us know.

If you have friends and family who want to join EUCMS on stage for the first time they should come along to our New Members’ Night Tuesday 6 June. To be involved, email Josh at members@eucms.org.au

Batten down the hatches, you swashbucklers!

Tim ‘Seer of the Flame’ Keith (Director), Sarah ‘Salty Dog’ Keith (Musical Director), and Bec ‘The Sparrow’ Kimpton (Production Manager).

Create *your* Pirate Name at www.fanbolt.com/pirate-name-generator